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SEDET September 2011 Heathrow tests

SEDETís ACES (Air Cargo Explosive Screener) is a high sensitivity trace explosive detector targeted to aviation cargo trucks and containers. From September 26th to October 7th 2011 (2 complete weeks), in collaboration with the Transec division of the DfT (Department of Transport), an informal explosive screening test took place at Heathrow Airport.

  Heathrow airport is one of the busiest in Europe, with a registered cargo traffic of 1.47 million Tm in 2010, and constitutes the ideal scenario for an equipment such as ACES. Tests took place at the premises of a regulated agent in the Heathrow area. Main effort was devoted to the analysis of complete trucks. Upon completion of tests, 216 trucks were sampled including rigid trucks, articulated trucks, curtain-side trucks of different sizes and vans. Additional screening was also carried out on thin-filmed pallets, as well as on oversized freight inadequate for X-ray screening. Two Samplers were deployed in order to meet the flow of trucks present in the test period without delays.


The Sampler is a portable unit with an air pump which extracts air from pallets,
containers or truck cargo bays.

ACES in operation at Heathrow

Aces in operation at Heatrow


The Operator inserts the filter in the Analyzer.
Based on ElectroSpray Ionization, Mobility Analysis (DMA)
and Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS),the Analyzer
determines the presence of explosives in the filter.

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