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SEDET was the only Spanish company exhibiting at TRANSEC 2012 (London 14-15 November). SEDET introduced ACES, a revolutionary explosive screener for bulk cargo, able to inspect in a single operation a complete 110m3 truck.

Boot of SEDET at TRANSEC (Transport Security Expo 2012)

Mr. Gonzalo Fernandez de la Mora, SEDET CEO, at SEDET stand

    SEDET is a Spanish SME established in 2008 to develop equipments for explosive screening, with the aim of easing the task of all stakeholders dealing with explosive-related security. SEDET technology is supported by a set of U.S. patents developed by Juan Fernández de la Mora, professor at Yale University and Corresponding Member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Engineering.

    TRANSEC 2012 collected more than 100 industries from around the world to present security and safety solutions ranging from detection of explosives to access controls. Among all exhibitors, SEDET´s ACES (Air Cargo Explosive Screener) was qualified by many visitors as the newest solution presented at the fair.

    The air cargo explosive screener ACES is a completely new solution to the problem of securing air cargo. ACES is a vapour detector, with the capability to screen large volumes of freight without the need to unload or even touch pallets or ULDs from the truck transporting them. ACES allows inspection of a complete truck (110 m3) at the airport entrance in less than 10 minutes. Main benefits for Users are: slashed inspection costs and screening delays reduction.

    ACES sensitivity exceeds by several orders of magnitude present state-of-the-art for ETDs, therefore allowing detection of minute quantities of explosives concealed within a truck cargo bay, whatever the nature of the cargo.

    ACES potential users (air cargo companies, freight handlers and any other entities dealing with cargo security) were interested on the calendar availability of ACES, which is being considered as the reference solution for upgrades of present explosive screening operations. According to Mr. Fernández de la Mora, SEDET CEO, ACES is currently undergoing certification by National authorities in France, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, and certification will be completed within 2013.

    Mr. Fernández de la Mora delivered a presentation at the TRANSEC “Freight and cargo security workshop” (attached). The presentation focused on technical difficulties which have prevented, until ACES development, the use of vapour detectors for explosive screening, and in particular on an a new theory aiming at describing the performance of vapour detectors in real operation.

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